Workspace Services

The Market Challenge

Enterprises looking to transform business processes typically want to improve employee productivity, enhance customer service and reduce costs. The introduction of new workplace technology and services goes hand-in-hand with new ways of working. Businesses are looking for service providers that can help them make this difficult and complex transition.

Service providers are building on their traditional enterprise mobility, UC&C, workspace virtualization and managed security capabilities. They need to build their capabilities beyond these services into new areas of technology and into a professional services-led approach if they are to be successful partners for enterprises. It is an increasingly complex play.

How Ovum Helps You

Ovum’s research will help service providers build their workspace services offers and help enterprises select service provider partners that meet their needs.

Identify the growth markets for workspaces – size the market opportunity and identify which verticals and geographies will be key

Build the portfolio – the important technologies and services identified through our research with enterprises

Transform services – advice on where to partner and where to build expertise, how to improve delivery and support

“North America will remain the top market for UC services, valued at $12bn by 2021”

Key Deliverables

Ovum Decision Matrix – aimed at enterprises selecting a service provider partner for workspace services.

Enterprise CIO surveys – covering both large enterprises and SMEs in multiple geographies and industries.

Forecasts for enterprise communication services – enterprise mobility and unified communications and collaboration forecasts split by company size, country, and industry vertical.

Case studies – real enterprise experience in evaluating, selecting, implementing, and measuring benefits from advanced communications services.

Tracker – workspace services tracker keeps you up to date on market events, new services, partnerships an deals.

Service Provider strategy updates – provide insight and analysis on new workspace services and new business models for of the top providers.

Themes for 2018

Evolution of mobile workspace services
Service providers have been evolving their mobile workspace offers to incorporate UC&C services, workspace virtualization, adding managed security, service delivery and end user support. As this market evolves, we expect service providers (including telcos, SIs, ITSPs and specialist managed service providers) to focus on-helping enterprises deliver on their mobile workspace strategies. This includes building up their professional services skills, integrating new technologies, applications and tools into their services and bringing in new types of partner.


Workspace services for SMEs get more sophisticated
Service providers have traditionally served their SME customers with unsophisticated communications services. Many are now focusing strongly on the SME opportunity and are building richer services, adding messaging, collaboration, conferencing and other functionality to voice. We expect offers to mature further as SMEs, like their larger counterparts, look to improve their competitiveness through the introduction of new technology. This will meet the demands of a younger workforce looking for more flexible and mobile ways of working.


Enterprise priorities in workspace services
As enterprises worldwide continue to act on their digital transformation strategies we anticipate continued investment in services and technologies to support employees with new flexible and mobile ways of working. Many companies are interested in what place new technologies – such as workplace IoT, mixed reality, machine learning and automation – can have within their organisations in driving innovation, greater productivity, and improved customer service.


Evolution of enterprise communications
How businesses consume communications services and deploy communications technology will considerably over coming years. Solutions dedicated to communications and collaboration will continue to be sold to businesses. But more and more communications will be embedded into a diverse set of software. For example, CPaaS will integrate communications into business apps, IoT will trigger communications events based on alerts, and natural language interfaces will provide news ways for employees and customers interface with collaboration apps.


Mobilizing the workforce
Technology evolutions and continuously changing employee needs are driving new approaches to how enterprises manage and secure devices, apps, identity, and the data that runs across them. Enterprise mobility solutions are evolving, offering new capabilities such as cognitive analytics, identity management and single-sign on, unified endpoint management features, and advanced group policy management functionality. These advancements will support enterprises in more effectively managing a more diverse device, OS, and data estate.

What’s New

The place of new technologies in the workplace – extended coverage into new areas

Service provider strategy updates – case studies of new services and business models from service providers

Whole market view – the enterprise workspace market in the context of the whole market

New provider types – coverage of new entrants and SI competitors

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