The Market Challenge

Wholesalers operate in an increasingly complex and competitive market, in which their customers are demanding greater flexibility, responsiveness, differentiation, and innovation.  In response, many players in the market are developing strategies to defend against the threats posed by OTT service providers and intense price pressure, and to attract business from new customer segments.

The successful wholesalers of the future will be those that respond to the commoditization of traditional wholesale services by differentiating and adding value to their services portfolios. Even the most traditional wholesaler must take a more proactive approach to meeting customer needs, especially when targeting new customer segments.

How Ovum Helps You

Understand where wholesale markets are growing and discover the best strategies for maximizing those opportunities.

Discover how to create innovative strategies, services, and solutions to deliver greater flexibility and responsiveness to customer demands.

Learn which service portfolios, pricing models and customer service strategies are most effective at differentiating from competitors and capturing business from a range of wholesale customer segments.

“Wholesale revenues will reach $213bn by 2021 as proactive carriers respond to customer demands for innovative and flexible new solutions”

Key Deliverables

Wholesale innovation analyser – understand what innovations carriers are bringing to market and their likelihood of success

European wholesale market share report – discover which wholesalers are growing their shares of this well-developed market

Wholesale customer survey – benefit from our analysis of the evolving demands of wholesale customers

Themes for 2018

Strategies for effective transitions in wholesale
A number of major telecoms industry transitions are impacting wholesale service providers, including the evolution of TDM voice into voice and video over IP, the rise of network virtualization, the retirement of time-expired communications services, and innovative new pricing models. We will analyse the likely impact of these transitions on wholesalers, and advise on strategies to mitigate their adverse impacts and maximize the associated benefits.


Managing evolving wholesale service portfolios
Our forecasts demonstrate that wholesale revenues will grow as a result of increases in global trade, in broadband penetration, and in telecoms’ dependency on wholesale services. However, not all services are expected to experience improving revenues or margins. During 2018 we will compare and contrast the prospects for different groups of wholesale services, and will make recommendations for maximising the return from each group.


The impact of consolidation on the wholesale market
There has been a recent flurry of mergers and acquisitions among Communications Service Providers (CSPs), particularly in the mature markets of North America and Europe. Some consolidation is intended to grow market share, some to gain access to complimentary capabilities, or to reach additional markets. We plan to research the impact that each type of consolidation will have on the overall wholesale market and on the players directly concerned. We will advise wholesalers how to take advantage of the opportunities presented by market consolidation.

What’s New

Wholesale announcements tracker – reports and analyses major wholesale product launches, enhancements, infrastructure upgrades, and other market developments during the year

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