Vendor Strategies

The Market Challenge

Vendors targeting the IoT market face a number of important challenges.  These include how to develop, and support, multiple technologies for IoT; how to ensure smooth integration with a much wider variety of customers, partners and existing IT and operational environments; and how far to progress down the path to service delivery vs hardware provisioning.  The IoT demands a more flexible and software-centric approach to network and application deployment – and a far deeper understanding of customer business processes.

At the same time, vendors need to find a path to scalability, in building out their IoT solutions.  Doing so, in a diverse, complex, and rapidly evolving IoT market, will depend heavily on making the right choices – for investment, for partnering and for market positioning.

How Ovum Helps You

Understand and identify the right positioning in the IoT value chain and ecosystem – Ovum’s IoT analysis and forecasts help technology and service providers to leverage their particular strengths, understand the size of the different opportunities and evaluate the options for partnering versus own-build solutions.

Develop successful, informed product and services strategies – our trackers and reports provide examples, case studies and recommendations, whether providers are looking to offer full end-to-end solutions for their customers or instead focus on just one or two layers of the stack, or on specific verticals.

Build go-to-market strategies that cut through the IoT hype – Ovum’s competitive analyses, surveys, and market overviews provide a detailed view on market gaps, customer pain points and best-practice marketing and channel strategies, to help providers sharpen and communicate the unique value they are offering.

“87% of companies deploying IoT projects are doing so across multiple areas of their businesses, although only 38% see IoT as part of a wider transformation initiative”

Key Deliverables

IoT Market 5-year Forecasts – size the market, prepare for technology and vertical growth, identify key revenue opportunities

IoT Insight Survey 2018 – deep-dive understanding of enterprise buyer trends, preferences, drivers and challenges

IoT Technology, investment and contracts trackers – stay up to date with competitor, investor, and deployment activity

IoT Service Provider and Vendor Strategy profiles – in-depth profiles of the leading market players and how their strategies are evolving

Connected cars and smart cities data and reports – understand these key vertical markets with forecasts, project and partnership databases, forward-looking technology and trends overviews

Themes for 2018

Making the right technology choices
The Internet of Things is not going to be a single-technology market. M2M and LPWA, short-range and satellite – the variety of IoT technologies, platforms, and associated use cases continues to proliferate. There is also a multiplicity of options around analytics, security, and cloud integration. Making informed IoT technology choices is complex, for providers and their enterprise customers. Understanding which technologies suit which IoT use cases and environments will be important for all market players, and critical to maximizing the chance of successful IoT deployments that deliver business and social benefits.


IoT as a multi-speed market
There will be multiple paths to success in the IoT market, as different service providers and technology players are starting from different positions and bring different strengths to the table. For some, it will make sense to build and own as many elements of the IoT solution stack as possible. For others, a wholesale or reseller route may be more effective, or focusing solely on the domestic market or a limited number of verticals may be appropriate. On the demand side, different industries will move at different speeds, for IoT adoption, and providers must be flexible enough to adjust their approach.


Transformational IoT business models
From usage-based insurance to lighting-as-a-service, the IoT is enabling a variety of new business models in both fast-moving and more traditional industries. Service and technology providers need to understand these business models, and help their customers to implement and manage the transformation. As the IoT moves into the next phase, business models built around leveraging IoT data in various ways will also become an important – and disruptive – force in many industries.


The competitive IoT landscape – coopetition and partnering
Partnering and acquisition are important elements of strategy for IoT technology and services providers, allowing players to fill in gaps in their portfolios and deliver end-to-end IoT solutions for customers seeking simple, clear propositions. But partnering for the IoT will require unprecedented breadth and flexibility, as service and technology providers must work with a wide variety of players to address different use cases and customer types. Ovum’s 2018 research will explore the most successful strategies for IoT partnering, the ecosystems developing around key verticals and technologies, and how ‘coopetition’ can be an effective strategy for success.


Analyzing global services contracts
We track the evolution of ICT managed services as these expand to include applications services and performance management, and cloud-based service delivery. Ovum maintains an IT services contracts database (ITSCA) as well as uniquely monitoring global services deals from telcos. Together, these provide the most comprehensive picture of the changing shape of the deal in enterprise managed services, in region and globally.

What’s New

IoT Total Addressable Market Forecast – Vertical, technology, applications breakouts

Connected Car deep-dive coverage – detailed sector forecasts, trends analysis for autonomous driving and connected car ecosystems, competitive and OEM strategies

Smart Cities database and strategy reports – detailed smart cities project database, investment opportunities analysis, and holistic views of smart cities opportunities, strategies, go-to-market and procurement approaches

Enabling Next-Gen Technologies report – IoT and AI, IoT Analytics, IoT Security, IoT and Blockchain

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