Telecom Operations & IT

The Market Challenge

Communications service providers (CSPs) are under intense pressure to transform their IT systems, software and business processes to compete in the digital world.

CSPs will need to deliver a personalized and contextual customer experience, bolstered by improved partner management systems, customer journey mapping and omnichannel strategies. Digital transformation will also require the adoption of SDN/NFV and cloud-based delivery models. To support these CSPs will need to streamline and automate telco IT systems and make effective use of AI and advanced analytics tools. These changes will also have a fundamental impact on CSP operations as they shift to DevOps, microservices and cloud native practices.

How Ovum Helps You

Help telcos understand their business and digital transformation priorities and position themselves against their peers.

Support telcos with their IT investment and buying decisions, including product assessments.

Identify telcos’ decision criteria for selecting platform and service partners to enable digital transformation.

Understand the main growth opportunities across the complex telco IT landscape.

Evaluate vendor competitive position in key solution areas versus peers from NEP, ISV, and CSI backgrounds.

Identify new product, service, and partnering opportunities in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex ecosystem.

“Launching digital services and creating a personalized customer experience are top priorities for over 80% of CSPs”

Key Deliverables

Coordinated set of forecasts covering Telco IT (OSS/BSS) revenues, telco vendor services (network and IT services) revenues and Telco spend.

Research on changing telco operations, including the impact of SDN/NFV on telco IT systems, preparing CSPs for the transition to microservices and making the move to DevOps.

Research on improving the customer experience, including strategies for managing and monetizing the growing telco partnership ecosystem and customer journey management.

Ovum Decision Matrices evaluating leading telco IT solutions, including BSS and analytics.

ICT Enterprise Insights in the Telecoms Industry CIO insights and investment plans in key telco IT areas.

OSS/BSS contract analytics interactive tool with global coverage.

Themes for 2018

Successful strategies for digital transformation and the impact on telco IT
Digital transformation is a priority for telcos, but many are still unclear how to undertake this journey. Through a series of industry case studies, thought-leadership pieces, and surveys; Ovum will provide guidance on how CSPs can make the transition to DSP and identify vendor opportunities.


Making the move to intelligent telco operations
Intelligence and automation will play an important role in the transformation of CSP operations as they aim to “work smart”. Ovum will explore the potential of technologies such as AI and analytics to enhance and automate CSP operations and will evaluate vendor solutions for the telecoms industry. Ovum will also explore the changes telcos need to make to support IoT, 5G and digital services.


Strategies and technologies for the delivery of a personalized telco customer experience
CSPs must deliver a personalized and contextual customer experience to compete in the digital services market. Ovum will explore how CSPs can leverage OSS, BSS, and intelligence to understand and personalize the customer journey. Focus will be placed on how CSPs can improve customer experience for both B2C and B2B customers and the impact of emerging areas such as IoT on the growing CSP partner ecosystem. Ovum will provide thought-leadership on strategies for improving the customer experience and vendor analysis.


Vendor services evolve to support new modes of telco IT operations
Vendor services portfolios and capabilities will evolve to support new types of operations. Vendors and professional services partners will need to help telcos with the shift to DevOps, SDN/NFV and microservices, as well as support telcos’ digital transformation journey. Ovum will explore the changing role of vendors in the telecoms industry as services such as SaaS and consulting grow in importance. We will provide analysis of changing vendor service portfolios, market share and forecasts.

What’s New

Digital transformation insights – including CSP case studies, surveys and insights

Vendor product reviews – assessments of product, vendor positioning, customers, use cases and market context. These focus on offerings supporting digital transformation e.g. cloud based telco IT solutions

New forecasts and increased granularity – new Telco IT spend forecast and new segments in OSS/BSS forecast

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