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The Market Challenge

Smart home is not a single market, but a concept that encapsulates a multitude of different technologies, services and applications across a number of industrial verticals from commerce to healthcare.

Solutions are therefore varied, but must work together if they are to provide optimum value to the consumer. This makes the smart home complex and everchanging as new players enter, evolve and diversify. Consumer demand also differs significantly, not just within different consumer segments, but from country to country, due to differences in demographics and cultural trends.

To succeed in the smart home, players of all types therefore must have a detailed understanding of the markets they wish to target, with a sound and up-to-date knowledge of the various stakeholders involved and adjacent to each market.

How Ovum Helps You

Gauge the size and potential of key smart home market segments on a country-by-country basis.

Track the offerings, developments and partnerships of key service providers, equipment vendors and tech companies.

Learn about emerging business models and go-to-market strategies based on in-depth case studies.

Understand the impact of key announcements and trends on the smart home market.

“By 2021, 21% of households worldwide will have use at least one smart home device, with advanced markets such as North America reaching 60%”

Key Deliverables

Smart home forecasts – quantifying the size of the opportunity in each market

Smart home trackers – tracking of the offerings and ecosystems of top smart home players

Smart home opportunity index – detailing the key drivers on a country by country basis

Digital consumer insights – providing the voice of the consumer

Best-of-breed case studies – providing a detailed understanding of the business models driving key market players

Making money strategic reports – understanding complex smart home business models and value-chains

Themes for 2018

Sizing the smart home opportunity
Quantifying the smart home is extremely complex. Markets can differ wildly from country to country, and identifying the right consumer segments, developing the right product, and finally crafting the right marketing strategy, are essential to success for all players. Ovum helps its customers by providing a range of data tools that cover markets from a 360 degrees perspective, on a country by country basis.


Making money from smart home
Smart home will require businesses to invest in new technology and business models that will eventually change entire markets. Return on investment can take many years so the risk for any business is significant. But companies that are not willing to invest and adapt could find themselves left behind. Ovum’s analysis will help clients understand new business models, how to successfully market smart home technologies and services, and how to implement a successful and efficient service delivery strategy.


Developing the optimum smart hub strategy
The smart hub will form the gateway of the home, efficiently connecting every room with high-speed broadband for high-definition media consumption, and every device to enable a new level of home automation. What this hub will look like from the technology capability point of view, who will control it, and how in itself it can be monetised is still unclear. Ovum’s research will provide in-depth qualitative and quantitative research to help equipment vendors and service providers develop a road map for the smart home hub of the future.


Serving the smarter consumer
The future will be defined by a smarter consumer, where products are not only connected but are also delivered automatically and personalised. This will create new opportunities for e-commerce companies, as well as those organisations that control the consumer data. Through in-depth reports and case studies, Ovum will provide a best-practice guide for AI enhanced digital commerce, as well as how service providers should position themselves to maximise their prospects in this increasingly complex data economy.

What’s New

Smart hub report series – the home hub is an increasingly important part of the connected home. Ovum’s research will provide a detailed understanding of the future road map of this important device.

Smart home consumer segmentation – traditional segmentation models don’t apply to the smart home market. Ovum’s analysis will shed light on the segments that matter and what they care about.

“Marketing the smart home” case studies – lack of consumer understanding is a major barrier for smart home devices and services. Better marketing holds the key to unlocking this market.


The demand drivers for smart home

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