Service Provider Strategies

The Market Challenge

Service providers worldwide are at a strategic crossroads as they balance the need to defend and innovate around their traditional consumer and enterprise connectivity businesses driving the bulk of their revenues while investing in new digital services such as 5G and IoT.

Transformation is high on the agenda as service providers drive innovation and cost reduction in traditional segments such as mobile, broadband and pay TV with new digital tools such as virtualization, digital customer service and artificial intelligence.

Disruption is a given as digital giants consume traditional markets and service providers transform their strategies, operations and services to survive and thrive the digitization of their markets.

How Ovum Helps You

Transform your strategy based on the best practices of leading digital and communications service providers worldwide.

Learn how leading service providers are investing in new digital tools such as artificial intelligence and expanding into new digital segments such as 5G and IoT.

Innovate around existing mobile, broadband and entertainment services based on the best practices of leading service providers worldwide.

“Global digital enablement revenues in the TMT industries will top $4.7 trillion in 2022”

Key Deliverables

Digital Strategies – learn from the digital strategies and challenges of leading service providers globally through operator case studies and global analysis

Service Provider Benchmarking – assess service provider best practice through regular company updates and benchmarking of the world’s top service providers

Telco Services Innovation Radar – gauge how service providers are innovating by segment and region with a detailed innovation tracker, case studies and analysis

Mobile, Broadband and Pay TV Integrated Forecasts – understand the growth and convergence of the industry’s key segments with detailed forecasts on the industry’s core services by region and major country worldwide

Mobile Subscription and Revenue Forecasts – gain insight into the state of the mobile market by region and major country with detailed mobile subscriptions and revenue forecasts

Fixed Broadband Subscription and Revenue Forecasts – assess the state of the fixed broadband market with detailed subscription and revenues forecasts

Themes for 2018

Digital service provider strategies and outlook
Service providers are transforming their strategies to address fast-changing markets and intense competition from ascendant digital players. Assess how digital markets across the telecoms, media and technology landscape will unfold and what it means for today’s service providers and their strategies, operations and services.


Broadband everywhere: the road to 5G & the Internet of Everyone
Broadband is the future of the communications industry and 5G is the future of broadband. Ovum will assess the impact of 5G on service provider strategy and performance as it accelerates virtualization, opens new revenue opportunities and upends traditional broadband value chains. Ovum will also research the Internet of Everyone – including the efforts of digital giants such as Google and Facebook to bring the Internet to the “last four billion,” and the implications for service providers and the Internet itself.


Mobile, broadband and pay TV market outlooks
Mobile, broadband and pay TV markets are maturing and under attack from digital players but still drive the lion’s share of subscriptions, revenues and margins for communications services providers. Track the size, growth and outlook of the industry’s core services through regular in-depth subscription and revenues forecasts and analysis by market segment, region and major country.


Service provider innovation
Every service provider has to innovate but some do it better than others, driving differences in service provider results, market share and industry leadership. Learn from innovators across the telecoms, media and technology markets whether digital giants, traditional telcos or disruptive startups through detailed market tracking and innovation case studies.


Service provider strategy and performance benchmarking
Service providers globally are developing new strategies and services to address fast-changing markets. Learn which service providers are succeeding and which are struggling through in-depth data and analysis on service provider performance delivered through regular company updates and financial benchmarks.

What’s New

Global Digital Market Outlook – understand digital markets globally and their impact on digital and communications service providers

Digital Service Provider Index – assess the digital transformation and performance of leading service providers worldwide

5G Outlook – evaluate the impact 5G will have on service provider strategies, operations and services with market analysis and forecasts

Internet of Everyone – gauge how initiatives by Facebook, Google and others to connect billions worldwide who still lack Internet access could transform the TMT industry and the Internet itself

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