Network Transformation & Cloud

The Market Challenge

Network and cloud combined let enterprises bond together local and remote IT resources. But providers’ big and bold top-down attempts to force cloud and network together so far have gone badly. Cloud computing is led by a few dominant providers that let enterprises centralize, virtualize and automate IT infrastructure efficiently. Network providers are separately wrestling with fundamental changes, as their logical and physical networks must migrate to software and greater automation. Evidence shows that cloud and network do succeed together when they consider customer needs, and provide services that secure, remove complexity and lower costs for enterprises’ highly complex heterogeneous IT environments. 

How Ovum Helps You

Understand how competing service providers are re-engineering their networks to provide more adaptable, software-based WAN services

Determine the customer requirement for evolving network services and invest accordingly

Identify the partners required to deliver a transformational network service

Compare the managed services strategies of leading cloud service providers

Explore enterprise decision-maker managed and hybrid requirements

“Together, both increased adoption of public cloud services and the need to drive more insight out of enterprise and customer data using analytics are identified by over 50% of enterprises as key drivers of further network investment”

Key Deliverables

Network Service Provider Update – track the emergence of transformational network services from leading providers

Cloud Service Provider Update – understand the complex provider landscape for managed hybrid services

VPN and SD-WAN forecasts – size the market for evolving network services and plan for growth by segment

Cloud and Network CIO Insights – get into the heads of key enterprise decision makers

Service provider innovation case studies – short insights into leading-edge providers deploying new technologies and services

Themes for 2018

Emerging multi-cloud and programmable network environments
Enterprises consume services from a range of providers. Cloud providers and integrators are looking to manage and orchestrate enterprises’ multi-cloud and hybrid IT environments. Network providers aim to participate, assigning bandwidth and other resources on-demand. We focus on the provider models and enterprise services that justify investment, while keeping in focus the counter-strategies of commodity services.


Security and resilience to protect enterprise assets
Enterprise customers have grown more confident in the security and resilience of public cloud platforms. The challenges we cover include how to architect secure enterprise-class solutions for those platforms; how enterprises integrate those elements within their wider IT estate; and how they maintain and manage security of IT assets in an environment where perimeters are no longer fixed.


Innovative Commercial and Operational Service Models
Enterprises demand simplified ways of buying, operating and managing their cloud and network resources. We follow the best practices adopted by service providers to streamline their operations, identify and engage customer leads, partner strategically to deliver against customer needs, and provide high-quality support.


Successful Service Models for Virtualization
Virtualization is the future, but providers must build their own roadmap for effective resource usage, whether their goal is building software defined data centers or the software defined network. We monitor the inflection points for providers to orchestrate and manage applications and workloads in a flexible hybrid IT environment.


End-to-end Transaction Performances
Enterprise buyers have been increasingly interested in turnkey services, driven by the applications platform. We assess best practices of service providers aiming to deliver end-to-end transaction performance for applications, workloads and micro-services.

What’s New

Increased coverage of transformational network services (SD-WAN)

Enhanced focus on network and cloud services management

Improved insight into service provider evolving commercial models


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