Media Technology

The Market Challenge

Premium media asset owners are undergoing major change as they shift to a digital first strategy.

Broadcast TV & video providers, ICPs and digital service providers are grappling with two core business priorities – how to enhance operating margins and extend their reach into new growth areas.  This is forcing media providers to respond by migrating their audience engagement ecosystem to IP, unifying the content supply chain and leveraging big data and AI technologies. Major change is required to support the launch of real-time digital services and exploit new monetization avenues such as the enterprise video and sports franchise segments.

How Ovum Helps You

Helping media enterprises to compare business and technology road-maps.

Showing media companies how to re-engineering their partner ecosystem.

Providing media transformation journey support and assisting with the selection of technology vendors and ICT service providers.

Market and competitor assessment across the media content supply chain.

Delivering insights on media technology trends and changing adoption cycles.

Identifying new market opportunities in the video space across diverse segments such as sports franchise, broadcast TV & video, and digital service providers.

“The media transformation ICT services market is forecast to reach $27.4bn by 2022. The sports franchise segment will be one of the fastest-growing, with CAGR of 5.3%”

Key Deliverables

Media transformation ICT Services forecast (2017-2022) with addition of publishing companies such as newspaper, magazine, and B2B to existing database encompassing sports franchises, digital service providers (cable TV, satellite TV, and telecommunication multimedia services business) and TV & video broadcasters.

Extending On the Radar deliverables across new technologies enabling the media transformation journey, especially those supporting the end to end content supply chain.

Strategic viewpoint and competitive benchmarking of vendors offering media AI and big data solutions, and analysis of technology vendors serving this space.

Research notes and short reports on the proliferation of media technology vendors in the enterprise video space.

Extending innovative case studies on media transformation projects with special emphasis on ICT services deployments across the sports franchise segment.

Themes for 2018

The media content supply chain shifts to IP
An increasing number of media enterprises are migrating aspects of their content supply chain to IP. The shift to IP is a highly complex transformation. Ovum will analyse the areas of the content supply chain leading the push, such as media acquisition and distribution, as well as emerging areas such as media preparation. We will investigate migration roadmaps and identify what technology partners need to offer in order to enable the transition.


The next wave of personalization in media technology
As media enterprises move from a first to a second wave of personalization this will create demand for more granular data insights. Customer retention will become a key concern due to the proliferation of distribution channels, so driving media enterprises to adopt technologies that help to create in-depth and contextual audience engagement. These will be key drivers for the adoption of big data and AI technologies and recommendation services in the media sector over the next 18-24 months.


Video will drive convergence in the media and entertainment sector
Video is a key driver of convergence within the media and entertainment sector as well as across multiple vertical sectors. Video is becoming the primary engagement tool, creating new opportunities for both media providers and media & broadcast technology vendors. These vendors are seeking to re-engineer their go-to-market strategy, and technology road-maps to target new vertical segments. Ovum will analyse this technology transformation. We will also investigate growth areas such as sports franchises, exploring how companies in this space are embarking on a hyper personalization wave, and assessing how ICT services will support this growth.

What’s New

Ovum Decision Matrix on live streaming services enabling enterprises to quickly select the right project partner for their premium media assets especially sports content

Managed video logistics forecast (2017-2022) – extended to encompass seven major sectors leveraging video as the core engagement tool i.e. education, healthcare, BFSI, Government, consumer products, Utilities & Energy, and media & entertainment.

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