Media and Entertainment

The Market Challenge

Entertainment has never been more in demand – yet its future has never seemed so uncertain.

Great content’s ability to attract customers, boost loyalty and drive spend is leading players from across the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) market to make ever-greater investments in the business – including mega-mergers of the industry’s biggest names. But therein lies the rub: each has different – and often disruptive – visions for the role of entertainment in tomorrow’s digital economy, depending on their diverse aims.

Finding a clear path will require a nuanced understanding of the multiple motives, methods, and market opportunities in play.

How Ovum Helps You

Discover which entertainment segments, geographies, and partners to prioritize using data and forecasts of unrivalled depth and breadth.

Develop compelling products and services based on data on consumer behaviour, market trackers, and services provider benchmark.

Optimise your go-to-market strategies by identifying the best feature-set, pricing, bundling and partnership options for your organization

“Subscriptions to skinny bundles and other subscription-based linear OTT TV (SLIN) services in North America and Western Europe will total 115 million by the end-2017″

Key Deliverables

Digital consumer insights – discover how audiences are changing in developed and developing markets, based on surveys of thousands of consumers

Hot topic trackers and benchmarks – filter the signal from the noise with tools to help monitor and analyse the most disruptive trends and players in entertainment

Entertainment innovation reports – understand how new and existing service providers, content owners and vendors are evolving and reinventing the sector

Comprehensive entertainment forecasts – quantify opportunities across key established and emerging entertainment segments, geographies and service providers

TMT country landscapes – underpin your geographical strategy with detailed profiles of digital consumer dynamics in an unrivalled number of countries

Themes for 2018

Total video monetisation
Internet innovation and economics means that TV & video services will increasingly take new and surprising forms. Ovum will provide an integrated data-driven view of existing and emerging opportunities to help stakeholders understand where, when and why audiences and revenues will move and plan accordingly.


Making advertising work
Concerns are growing over traditional TV advertising’s reach and relevance, while digital’s credibility is suffering problems with fraud, measurement, and just plain bad ads. Ovum will identify the winners and losers in the battle to make advertising a better proposition for all involved.


Living with the mega-platforms
The influence of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google will only grow as they continue to invest and innovate in ever more aspects of entertainment. Ovum will predict what’s next for the global mega-platforms and the opportunities and challenges for players across the value chain.


Entertaining the augmented customer
Advances in the smart home, mixed reality and artificial intelligence are part of an ongoing step-change in consumer technologies that will “augment” people’s lives in an ever-growing number of ways. Ovum will examine how this shift will change how content is created, discovered, consumed and monetised.


New roles for network operators
As broadband providers, telcos and cablecos occupy a crucial role in digital consumers’ lives. Ovum will forecast the potential of an array of further opportunities for operators, including telco TV, mobile video, OTT partnerships, big data, and carrier billing.

What’s New

Total TV & video forecasts – an integrated view of opportunities across all business models, geographies and service providers.

Enhanced TMT country landscapes – added data and analysis to provide a more complete view of TMT markets worldwide.

The Augmented Customer series – the implications of AI, mixed reality, 5G and other emerging technologies on entertainment.


Digital advertising will overtake pay TV and fixed broadband to become the second largest source of digital consumer revenue after mobile broadband.

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