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The Market Challenge

Software needs to be front and centre for every enterprise today. Organizations that cannot move fast enough to modernize their platforms and systems, provide everything on demand, and compete with cloud-native rivals will suffer.

While at an early stage of adoption for many, a cloud-centric approach is the future. The shift to cloud continues to gather pace and is very much a story of how to exploit and manage multiple clouds.

If software is at the heart of the organization, then data is very much its life blood and most valuable resource. Data must be protected and meet compliance needs when at rest, in motion, and in use.

How Ovum Helps You

Bolster network and data protection with an end-to-end proactive security architecture

Make software development a core capability

Improve the speed of service/software delivery through the use of agile and DevOps

Understand the impact of digital transformation on the IT function

Develop a strategy to modernise core systems

Define the criteria to use when selecting cloud-based services

Understand and adopt the latest integration approaches

Meet compliance obligations across all technology deployments

“70% of companies with 10,000+ employees are modernising legacy software”

Key Deliverables

Ovum Decision Matrix – Comparative evaluation of the leading enterprise technology solutions.

Market Radar – Solution capability comparisons for emerging technology areas.

Case Study – Recommendations, best practice, and advice from real-world solution deployments.

Software Market Forecast – A five-year view on growth in the infrastructure software markets, segmented by vertical, region, and function, and updated annually.

Themes for 2018

Increasing cyberattacks impacts data protection and network security
In every industry, security breaches are increasingly inevitable which means capability that enables data protection is a priority, especially with GDPR in 2018. The effectiveness of a signatures-based approach to security continues to wane and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks get bigger and more frequent. Organizations need to upgrade network security to counter the onslaught of more, and more varied, forms of exploits.


Adopting a cloud-native approach is the new differentiator
Becoming cloud-centric means the use of microservices, and containers, as well as exploiting multiple clouds and everything-as-a-service to improve flexibility, and reducing waste by only paying for what is used. Organizations also need to assess their strategy for developing and deploying software in the wake of the new paradigms that are sweeping through IT. Digital transformation, has turned the spotlight on software, and integration.


Utilizing intelligent software to foster innovation in IT
The adoption of AI technology continues to grow rapidly with the fast pace of technology transfer from research into products and services. AI encompasses a number of technologies with software robotics and machine/assisted intelligence making waves at the moment, of which deep learning is gaining traction within machine learning algorithms.


Modernising core systems by breaking up the monolith
One of the biggest challenges for traditional businesses is how to exploit cloud technologies and platforms with monolithic core applications. Many organizations are adopting software architecture that comprises of many independent and loosely coupled parts, alongside an API-centric approach. Once inside containers, these applications can gain some benefits, such as portability, and can use continuous delivery and infrastructure-as-code styles of development.


Mitigating the impact of IoT on platforms and infrastructure
IoT represents a paradigm shift for security challenges, as potentially billions of new devices connect to the web. It has created an urgent need for scalable and secure platforms to support the increased data volumes. IoT is also a big driver for the use of automation and edge computing in the IT environment.

What’s New

New Ovum Decision Matrix – Selecting a Network Security Solution

Expanded – coverage of enabling technology for artificial intelligence


Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS)

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