Customer Engagement

The Market Challenge

The fundamental challenge for any enterprise is to meet the expectations of its customers, patients, citizens or students. This perennial challenge is getting harder, as customers, empowered by technology and digital experiences demand more. Enterprises which fail to meet this challenge run the risk of irrelevancy.

To keep pace with technology and meet customers’ expectations, enterprises must continuously evolve their approach to service delivery. They must build an agile architecture that allows them to quickly scale, enables frictionless experiences across all channels and devices, and be able to respond in real time to customers when and where they need assistance. No enterprise can afford to be a customer service follower, and to remain relevant should strive to engage with the customer proactively, not reactively.

How Ovum Helps You

Understand – and act on the challenge of moving beyond omnichannel to maintain relevancy in the digital age.

Learn – about continuous innovation and the culture required to support it to deliver on customers’ expectations.

Explore – and plan for a customer-centric architecture that composes unique customer experiences without compromising standards.

Identify – and evaluate practices and technologies for keeping up with constantly evolving customer behaviors.

Understand – enabling technologies and vendors which can help enterprises orchestrate customer engagement across any combination of channels.

“90% of enterprises are failing to create and deliver new digital services yet top line growth is the number one business challenge “

Key Deliverables

How to building the omnichannel foundation – analysis and guidance on developing the omnichannel foundation

How to create the conditions for rapid adaptation – through innovation in products, services and business models

The role of ecosystems in continuous innovation – how to develop an effective ecosystem of partners for continuous innovation

Leadership roles in digital transformation – who should help the CEO transform the enterprise?

Themes for 2018

Building an omnichannel platform foundation for customer engagement
Enterprises must proactively engage with customers along their digital and physical journeys at the right time, place, and device. This can be achieved with the building blocks of an omnichannel foundation; including integrating modern CRM platforms with back office, logistics and systems of engagement, and deploying technologies to enhance in-context collaboration and create personalized experiences. With this foundation in place, omnichannel can be augmented with supporting technologies from Robotic Process Automation to eliminate repetitive tasks and integration of AI and machine learning to dynamically orchestrate the customer experience, through Virtual Assistants to support intelligent customer self service.


Developing a customer-centric culture for the adaptive enterprise
Enabling omnichannel must begin by developing a cultural and organizational orientation around the voice of the customer before architecting the customer journey. For a customer-first enterprise to take hold, enterprises must align people, processes, and technologies via the vehicle of digital transformation, to deliver proactive customer engagement. Customer-first thinking must be infused into every aspect of the organization, standards and policies must deliver on CX, and culture must link to the mission. Unification and open access of technologies must occur through unified interfaces, customer engagement hubs, and cloud-based workforce management so the customer journey is always in view.


Designing a flexible, scalable architecture for composing personalized customer experiences
Changes in the fundamental structure of customer engagement – hardware to software, on-premises to cloud, live-agent assistance to artificial intelligence-powered chat bots, analytics, and mobile everything – is driving change in the architecture and processes of customer engagement. Global reach and scale is a necessity as customers expect standardization across international organizations: they also expect a tailored experience. To achieve this requires a flexible architecture, built upon a concert of services which allow for constant technology evolution, and the delivery of a market, geographic, and enterprise-specific “composable” personalized experience in real-time – while adhering to the framework of corporate standards and compliance requirements.


Customer engagement solutions must prioritize superior security and privacy to build customer trust
Whether through accident or malfeasance, sensitive data can be exposed through holes in the expanding digital marketplace, with potentially great harm to customer and enterprise alike. Enterprises must ensure compliance with regulation regarding customers’ identifying data, such as GDPR, and respect privacy choices. Taking this approach will realize the benefits of being a trusted brand. Technological answers for enterprises need to cover considerable ground, from applying big data analytics and machine learning to fraud detection, through implementing unified privacy standards across multiple databases, applications and a growing device landscape encompassing the IoT.

What’s New

Understand how CX microservices can be consumed to adapt and augment omnichannel customer engagement

Consider Robotic Process Automation and how it can be used to boost customer engagement capabilities and improve the working environment for employees

Explore the possibilities to harness a portfolio of feedback mechanisms to drive customer relevance and rapid adaptation

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