Consumer Technology

The Market Challenge

The golden era of the smartphone is coming to an end and wearables and virtual reality (VR) headsets are not providing enough new growth. How can device vendors and platform providers sustain value and brand loyalty in a commoditised consumer electronics market?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is portrayed as the solution with vendors marketing digital assistants as the number one feature across multiple new products. But its impact will extend far beyond device sales, fundamentally disrupting digital service market as it changes how consumers interact with content and services, especially in the home.

How Ovum Helps You

Evaluate the size of the AI-capable device market including handsets, tablets, wearables, VR, smart TVs, smart home devices, set-top boxes and media streamers.

Plan for the next technology revolution in the home across your footprint via realistic predictions and insights on what role to take and which opportunities to go after.

Get quarterly insights on potential market disruptions coming from new technology and device launches, consumer behaviour shifts and company strategy changes.

Get an holistic market view of key competitors or/and partners in consumer technology such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and many others.

“Global annual sales of devices with built-in voice-controlled AI will reach 3 billion units in 2021, with 7.5 billion in use”

Key Deliverables

Connected-device forecasts – size your addressable market with installed base and unit sales forecasts for handsets, tablets, wearables, VR, smart TVs, smart home devices, set-top boxes and media streamers.

AI-capable device forecasts – support your consumer-facing AI product strategy using our AI-capable devices forecasts by segment, by digital assistant and by country/region

Consumer-tech trackers and reports – Monitor new technology launches in anticipation for market disruptions with our set of consumer technology trackers and “Tech Watch” report series.

Digital consumer insights – understand consumer adoption, usage towards new technology through our surveys and benchmark from across the world.

Themes for 2018

Object smartification and the consumer IoT
The evolution of consumer electronics is shifting from the creation of new gadgetry to the “smartification” of existing objects. Each segment obeys to its own set of rules from replacement cycles to retail and maintenance demands, driving or inhibiting smart living adoption. We provide a unique converged perspective on the smart living device ecosystem by delivering all-in-one device forecast intelligence.


On-Device Artificial Intelligence
Consumer devices deliver AI-powered experiences in many different ways. Benchmarking AI-capabilities is particularly challenging as it is constantly evolving and new use cases emerge all the time. Our trackers, case study reports and AI-capable devices forecast helps focus on the AI features that matter most and how they are implemented on-device.


The future of the home
The next technological revolution will be in the home. As it becomes more connected and gains the ability to see, hear, identify people and their location, the home will come to life as a virtual entity. Our research helps track that evolution and prepare for technology changes to come.


Disruptive innovation that matters
The pace of innovation continues to accelerate as barriers to entry for tech development and funding are lowered. The resulting countless number of start-ups focusing on AI, IoT, AR/VR and wearables makes it difficult to track impactful innovation. Our research helps filter through the noise and provides targeted partnership/acquisition recommendations.


New roles for service providers in consumer tech
Service providers have a critical influence on device purchase intentions and are best positioned to evangelise new technology to consumers, particularly in the home. Our research tracks the device distribution channels of service providers and analyses the emergence of “device-as-a-service” business models, such as Amazon Echo and Snapchat Spectacles.

What’s New

Investment and start-up tracker – monitoring key acquisitions, investments and startups in consumer tech

Home hub report series – analysing operator and vendor strategies for next-generation customer premise equipment (CPE)

Expanded forecasts – including smart audio speakers in smart home, country-level data for wearables and virtual reality headsets


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