The Market Challenge

The new digital consumer wants to buy broadband, mobile and TV services differently. Who is this new consumer, and how should communication service providers (CSPs) evolve to meet the changing market place?

CSPs will need to know their customer bases more intimately than before and how to price and package services in new ways for them. These two facets – bundling and pricing – remain central the telco monetisation story.

Understanding best bundling and pricing strategies will be key to unlocking new growth opportunities, whilst addressing new threats such as the rise of the mobile-only customer.

How Ovum Helps You

Understand which broadband and multiplay bundles will drive subscriber and revenues growth based on robust forecasts for developed and developing markets worldwide.

Develop compelling bundles and services based on data on consumer behavior and analysis of leading operator strategies that are changing how broadband, mobile and TV are being bought and sold.

Optimise your go-to-market strategy by identifying the best feature-set, pricing, bundling and partnership options for your organization.

“Next-generation bundles that include OTT TV, mobile or both will have 184 million subscribers by the end of 2022

Key Deliverables

Digital consumer insights – discover how consumer attitudes and intentions towards existing and emerging broadband and multiplay packages are changing.


Multiplay bundle forecasts – quantify the potential and impact of different bundling strategies in developed and developing markets worldwide.


Broadband pricing interactive tool – inform your marketing strategy with detailed information on innovative tariffs from leading operators in major markets.

Themes for 2018

Evolving the bundle for modern audiences
Consumer expectations are changing faster than ever. Understanding the impact that OTT video will have on multiplay bundle buying behaviour will be a key focus in 2018. Ovum will quantify how revenue will shift between new and emerging bundle types, as consumers upgrade, downgrade, swop services and cut cords. Our analysis will be underpinned by segmentation analysis of the new digital consumer, examining the purchasing behaviours and usage profiles of various groups, including millennials, students and 50+ year olds.


The mobile-only broadband customer uncovered
The potential of 4.5G and 5G to offer gigabit broadband has re-ignited the debate about whether fixed broadband’s days are numbered. But mobile-only subscribers are a reality here and now and they’re using their connections as more than just a substitute for fixed broadband. Ovum will profile the new mobile-only market and how it will evolve over the next five years. We will also explore the impact on the fixed broadband industry, and what it means for operators targeting the converged offerings.


Standout mobile pricing and loyalty strategies
Incumbent operators need to make 2018 the year of keeping the customer happy, as MVNOs and challenger operators seek to undermine their positions. Ovum will focus on innovative pricing and loyalty schemes to help mobile operators really stand out from the crowd in the endless battle to win and keep customers.

What’s New

Expanded multiplay forecasts – to include revenue splits showing the financial impact of next-generation bundling strategies.

Customer segmentation analysis – dissecting multiplay buying behaviour of millennials, 50+ consumers and other age groups.

The mobile-only consumer series – analysing the opportunities and challenges presented by this new breed of customer.


Steady Growth Path For Bundles, But Consumers Like Mobile And Netflix In The Bundle

Steady demand for bundles continues, but legacy bundles are losing relevance with consumers that want next-gen bundles with mobile and OTT video.

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