The Market Challenge

Operators in Asia face the combined challenge of slowing or stagnant subscription growth, continued core product commoditization and intensifying competition from both traditional and next-generation players.

In the new, digital environment, consumers are freely accessing content and services from a seemingly infinite number of companies, many of which are dominating traditionally telco-related areas like messaging. The proliferation of platforms and devices also complicates operators’ understanding of customer usage habits and digital consumption trends. Nevertheless, operators are making their own forays into digital sectors including messaging, video, gaming, and music.

In enterprise markets, service providers must consider how to best position themselves if they are to capture the opportunities for telcos that are emerging across various verticals.

How Ovum Helps You

In-depth reports track and analyse market data, competitive dynamics, and major trends at the country, operator, and regional level, and make recommendations to service providers and other market players.

Case study profiles and topical reports set out and assess significant initiatives, developments and strategies in the region, such as digital-service deployments, and the prospects for 5G.

Comprehensive market data and forecasts allow customers to size and compare markets, identify quantitative trends, and develop strategies based on statistical evidence.

“By the end of 2022, Asia will have 191.8 million 5G subscriptions, more than any other region”

Key Deliverables

Regional Outlook Reports – quarterly regional reports providing detailed analysis about market data and developments, with recommendations for major market players

Country Reports – profiles of the major country markets within the region, including comprehensive market data and analysis

Operator Reports – detailed portrait and analysis of the major operating groups within the Asia, including financial and operational KPIs

Case Studies – detailed assessments of specific service deployments in the Asia

Regional and Country Datasets – comprehensive set of data and forecasts for the region and every country within the region

Themes for 2018

Asia service provider digital strategies
As the Asian telecoms market matures, operators and industry players are seeking to develop new data-based and digital services. We assess these strategies and sectors, with case studies and analysis around digital media, M2M, and FMC services. Ovum’s data and reports cover market segmentation, pricing and packaging, marketing campaigns, CRM, and retail strategies.


Broadband everywhere in the Asias – the road to 5G
Asia is expected to rapidly become the largest regional market in the world for 5G, once China’s deployment of 5G gets underway. Ovum will track the move to 5G in Asia by analysing market data, operators’ 5G strategies, and regulatory developments. In addition topics such as next-generation LTE, new M2M and IoT networks, fiber for ultra-broadband deployment, and network strategies for rural and remote areas must be addressed. Ovum’s Asia channel will address these topics through comprehensive analysis and case studies.


Asia service provider innovation
The Asian market is increasingly competitive and sophisticated, and service providers need to develop innovative products that will help them to stand out from their rivals, win and retain customers, and develop new revenue streams. Ovum will monitor and analyse product and service innovation in Asia, identifying trends and making recommendations to providers.


Asia IoT markets
Ovum will report closely on the progress of IoT in Asian markets, as operators deploy IoT technologies and services. Ovum’s analysis will compare IoT developments and prospects within the region, point to the markets and sectors that offer the best prospects, and make recommendations about provider IoT strategies.


China is powerhouse of a diverse region
Asia accounts for more than half of all mobile subscriptions worldwide, with the two Asian mega-markets of China and India each having more than a billion subscriptions. South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan are among the most advanced telecoms markets in the world, but some others within the region are much less developed. Ovum will monitor and analyse the complexities of this huge and influential regional market.

What’s New

Expanded country reports – country reports will be extended to cover the TV market as well as fixed and mobile telecoms

Consumer Insights surveys – new consumer survey program will give fresh insight into regional markets

Operator reports to cover enterprise – operator reports will be expanded to cover enterprise as well as consumer markets

Digital Index tracker – new dataset will cover service providers’ digital services and performance

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